Friday, 6 December 2013

Introducing remote-controlled Medium Wave DX-station

On this blog we introduce our low-tech remote-site for Medium Wave-DXing. This station is located in midwest  Finland in Karvia's countryside.
We remote this site with 3G-wireless USB-stick-connections and control the computers with LogMeIn- software. Live-audio is transferred with Skype (on both ends).
Both DXers have own Perseus SDR-receiver and can choose the antenna separately with USB-switchers (Denkovi and Velleman USB-relays switchers).
The computers are remote started with Nokia 3110-phone connected to PG11 relay-box (Probyte Oy).
Typing number-code to the phone it starts computer with short relay-connection. Computer make internet
connection automaticly when starting.

The 4 antennas are directed to Americas: 250, 275, 305 degrees each 800 m long. Antenna 325 degrees is not finalized and not in use yet). 250 and 275 antennas are 800 m long aluminum-wires. Others Cu. Antennas are grounded at the end with 500 Ohm resistors and 1 m thick metal tubes under ground.
The wires are matched with 4 baluns and signal is fed to receivers with 4 x 200 m coax cables.

At receiver point we have Medium Wave-amplifier and splitter for two receivers.

This same equipment is installed at summertimes for FM to southwest Finland in distant island Utö (and Jurmo). For the first time it is now moved for AM-DXing for wintertime. 

Here below some photos from August (antenna work) and November 2013.

Photos of the installation in August and November 2013

    Click the photos 2x for bigger view

     Click the photos 2x for better view

An example of the remote-screen: Perseus is open on 1512 kHz on Sunday morning at 08utc (Dutch pirate-DX). Antenna 250 degrees is in use and audio is open with Skype.

Perhaps some loggings will be added here later

Space for loggings or observations, if time for that later.